Thursday, June 12, 2008

Testing Testing Testing...

Mark bought me a new camera (I've been dying to get an SLR for a long time now) as a consolation to not being able to go to school full-time this upcoming semester. While I am still incredibly dissapointed in not being able to do that, the new camera does help ease the sting a bit. As does the running and getting ready for races. I'm keeping myself busy, which is exactly what I like to be! Anyway, here are some of the inaugural shots with my new pretty Nikon. I'm not sure where B-rox learned this pose. But he was pretty proud of himself. He told me "mommy, I wrapped my arms like this!"
See what I mean. I really don't know where he learned this. Its pretty cute though if I do say so myself.
I have a baby with hair. Totally new concept after Braxton. Don't worry, its not gel making it stick up, its sunscreen so we could go for our run that afternoon!
He has always been so alert, and has incredibly bright eyes.

Anyway, you can bet your bahooky that I'll be posting more! Stay tuned.

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