Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary To US!!!!

Tomorrow is Mark and my third anniversary. This year he's even going to actually be home for it! That is the first time we've been together on June 9th since 2005. (Even then he left four days after our wedding to go to an internship...) So this year is a pretty big deal for us. Our annual tradition is to go to a baseball game. This year we went to a high A team, The Potomac Nationals, whos home stadium is only about seven miles from our house.
The weather was absolutely awful. (I'll bet you thought I was going to say beautiful!) It was 98 degrees outside, and with the humidity that swamps the east coast every summer it felt about 110. It was still a fun time. Who wouldn't have fun when you can purchase box seats with waitstaff for 11 bucks? This year we were also joined by our good friends Mike, Amy, their son Brendan, and another good friend Jake. Party - WOot!
Anyway, here are some pics from the game.
I love the look on this guys face. Almost as good as the face Fetters gives right before he throws the ball. (Fetters is, or at least was a pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks....)
Kieran, in his brand new Uncle Slam hat. (We're awful parents and forgot to bring his safari sun hat thing...) His cheeks aren't red from the reflection of the hat just FYI.
Yup, thats sweat that is making his hair all wet. It was batting helmet day at the stadium. So the nice lady in front of us gave us hers since we weren't in the first thousand people there. Thanks lady that wasn't rooting for the home team!
Braxton and Uncle Slam. The team mascot. Everybody gets it right?????? Braxton was only ok with U.S. if he was sitting down. As soon as he stood up he freaked out.
That would be our whole motley crew. It was a good day. After we left the four-thousand degree heat, we went back to our place and had spaghetti and angel food cake and strawberries. These have been a good three years. I look forward to all the years to come with you Mark. You're a wonderful husband and a fabulous father. I thank God everyday you've come into my life.

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Meggie said...

Happy anniversary, you sap you! Just kidding, I loves you!

Bob said...


thanks again for giving wook and i out anniversary without you two. :)

much appreciated, lol.

Meggie said...

I'm flying out on Friday morning. And I totally stalked Bob and listened to the songs--you're right, I loved them. Too funny.