Thursday, June 12, 2008

Faster Mommy, Faster!

Alright, I've almost finished out two weeks of this whole running thing. The weather has been my biggest obstacle. The first two days of running were in a torrential downpour. Then the next day the heat wave hit and until yesterday we were running in 100 degree heat. Major suckfest. Yesterday was a great run though. We found a route that was mostly in the shade and so we kept really cool since it was only 85 deg. outside.
During one of the days of rain I was bent over hugging my knees to stretch my hamstring when a little old lady pulled up and told me to "get my buns inside before my brains are electrocuted out". It was kinda funny. Then she asked why I was hugging my knees and I had to tell her because my mom lived too far away. She didn't get the joke though... Owell, she's old.
Braxton is a big source of motivation to keep running since when we slow down to walk/take a drink of water he gets angry and yells "faster mommy, faster" or "mommy, you need to go superfast now".

Well, as long as the training keeps going swimmingly (I really like saying that) I have a couple of events planned starting in a few months. Woo.

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