Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Car Seat Treasure Troves and Other stories...

Braxton is what the doctors call a "grazer". That means he doesn't eat a big meal a few times a day, it means he snacks all day long. (When he gets older this will help keep him from getting fat.) Well, one of the places we like to feed him is in the car, just for the fact that he's strapped down and doesn't really have much else to do.

I also have one of those "mommy" mirrors on my rear-view mirrors so I can see the boys without turning around. Well, more often than I would like to admit, I see Braxton munching on food, that I know its been a week or more since I've given it to him. The other day for instance, I look at him in my mirror and saw him munching on a chicken nugget. The kicker was it had been about two weeks since his last happy meal. He is still living so I'm guessing it wasn't that awful...

Mark and I sometimes forget that Braxton is in the age that he'll repeat ANYTHING we say. Well one day in the car we were discussing some people who lived in the dorm my freshman year. They happened to be potheads. Mark, unfortunately said the phrase "smokin' a bowl" loud enough that B-rox could hear him. Well, Braxton repeated it, and of course he said it cutely. It made Mark and I laugh. For those who are not parents, a word of caution, don't laugh. It only makes it worse. Anyway, Braxton realized this was funny. (Mark and I Haven't said anything like that since that day). Well the other day I walked in and braxton was playing with a bowl. He was being weird about it, so I asked "Braxton, what are you doing?". Can you guess what his answer was? "Smokin' a bowl mom." Lesson learned.

Braxton is getting sassy. I've never thought to apply this term to a boy, but there it is. Today I shared some chocolate chips with him and when we were through he told me he wanted some more. I told him no, and he answered back "well daddy will get me some".
"Uhh, no he won't. Especially because he's at work."
"uh huh, when he gets home." Then he gave me the "sassy kid" look. And flounced out of the room. Another term I never thought I would apply to anyone other than a flamenco dancer.

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