Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Daddy's Day!

So as everybody knows (Or at least I hope you do!) Sunday was Father's day! We didn't do a whole lot - just chocolate chip pancakes and my special chile. I got mark a gift, but the durn people haven't gotten it to me yet. VERY angry with them over this! I would tell you what I got him, but since it hasn't come yet he doesn't know. So posting it where he could see it isn't the best plan. Anyway, here are a couple of pics for the boys and thier dad.
Oh yes, they are monkeys. Crazy Crazy monkeys.
This is the first stage in a game B-rox and Mark play. Generally they end up making me wish I wasn't watching...

I didn't lead quite enough to capture everything. (apparently I've forgotten all I learned from football...) But, you get the gist. I know Braxton's look is pained but trust me, he's having an absolute blast! Yes, Mark lifts him way up high, then drops and recatches him. He tells me its good exercise for his reflexes. Its a wonder I'm not insane...

Aside from the crazy antics, Mark is a fabulous father! He absolutely loves to play with his boys. They're more his buddies than kids (though, I'm working on changing that a bit, I can't be the only disciplinarian!) He complains about diaper duty on the weekends, but thats about it. He gets up with the boys on the weekends so that I can sleep in. (woohoo for me...) He is so incredibly involved, I hope the boys realize someday how incredibly blessed they are to have him as a father.

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