Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chez Braxton

Braxton loves to pretend. The other day he put on Mark's old chef's hat and was "cooking" on the bookshelves. It was perdy durn cute.
This is Braxton actually "helping me bake". We made german chocolate cupcakes for his Pa Hat's birthday. It made a mess, but he had an absolute blast!

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Lindsay said...

Just wanted to tell you I appreciate your frequent blog posting. Not many people are as diligent as you in keeping it updated. Your kids are gonna love reading it one day (assuming you get it put into a book).
Shane is in Africa for 2 weeks, but said he could get you a DVD of the movie when he gets back so I'll let you know.
Oh, and nice work on the pics. They're looking really good. How are you liking the new camera? What did you get? A Nikon, but what model? And just an FYI. . .the lenses make ALL the difference. You can have a great camera, but if your lenses suck, the pictures won't be as good. Something to think about in the future. Unfortunately good lenses are pricey.