Saturday, June 28, 2008

National Aquarium!

We now have a family membership to the Baltimore National Aquarium. Today was our first visit and it was an absolute blast. We visited lots of fish, saw a dolphin show, and went to a 4-d immersion theater. (that was my least favorite part) There it is! Isn't it pretty???? Don't those little dragon boats look like fun????
Braxton first saw "Finding Nemo" just a few weeks ago, and had a cow when he saw the little clown fish. He had every kid there yelling for Nemo. Of course, Braxton doesn't pronounce the 'N' in Nemo...
What would Nemo be without Dory?
Onto the dolphin show. This is Spirit.
This dolphin's name is Mya. Yes, they really do make them jump through hoops. Is it still called jumping if they don't have feet?
"As she flies through the air with the greatest of ease..." This is Mya again.
That ball is 25 feet in the air. Again, I ask is it still called jumping if she doesn't have feet?????
This is the amazon exhibit. Braxton called it "The Jungle where Bindi lives". I have a feeling we're going to spend alot of time in this exhibit each time we visit. Also, did you know that there are more types of fish in the Amazon basin than there are in the whole Atlantic ocean? (Yup, I still love trivia)
They don't allow strollers in the museum. Supposedly for safety reasons. I think its just because it would be way too crowded. So Kieran spent the aquarium time in our fancy backpack. He spent alot of it asleep. This is him sacked out.

And for the finale for this post. That was my lunch. Wanna know what it was???? It was a soft-shelled blue crab sandwich. They batter and deepfry the WHOLE crab. Those are the legs dangling off of the bun. As long as I didn't think about it too much I could enjoy the flavor. It was actually yummy. Very yummy. Again, as long as I don't think about eating the whole crab. Shell and all.

Alright. I have more folks. But this post was full enough.

3 reviews:

Michael said...

Sarah, your photos rock!

Glad you had a great time.

Michael, Amy & Brendan

Ashley said... and all. Shell and all its digestive tract...and poo. Gross.

I'll stick to eating just the muscles of animals, lol.

Anonymous said...

I grew up eating crabs...hard and soft shelled. For soft crabs, cut off the eyes, lift the shell and clean out guts, flour and fry in oil. YUM! The crab has a soft shell that grows under the hard shell. When it's too big, it slufs the hard shell off and is then soft until it hardens up. There's an inbetween stage where we call them papershells.