Friday, June 20, 2008


Kieran has been going through some teething the last week or so, and has been keeping me up at night. I've been tired, and much to my chagrin, not as patient or fun-loving as normal. Today, I took Braxton to see the movie "Kung Fu Panda" (which very hilarious BTW), for a special "mommy and son bonding day". While we were out I was taking in some of the stuff that makes Braxton so special. That led me to the idea to do a post about each of my boys and list some of the stuff that makes them who they are. I call this his "what you lookin' at punk" face. He is very very expressive. To the point where even when he's screaming I often feel like laughing because he's making goofy faces. This, I'm sure he doesn't appreciate. He is very cuddly and laid back. He's ok just to chill with you wherever you are. He is NOT ok when you leave him. That means if I ever want to accomplish something during the day, I have to tote a comforter around for him to chill on wherever I am. (The comforter wouldn't be necessary, but he tends to forget he's supporting himself when gets into the throes of chewing, and needs a cushion behind that ginormous melon of his.)

Well, I'm know there are a bajillion other reasons I think he's special up here, But I'm going to post just one more. He's absolutely adorable. I know I'm biased - having squished him out and all. But so far nobody has come up and told me "gee lady, that kid sure is ugly." Trust me, if it were true, somebody would have said it.

And that folks, is my special Kenny.

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Ashley said...

so ya, what's with his favoritism towards the right side of his mouth?

Ashley said...

with his fingers, i mean.

McDaniel Family said...

He has three teeth coming in on that side. If I don't supply him some plastic he chews his fingers!