Saturday, June 14, 2008

Insanely good!

So, at the time of my post about the last ten books that I've read, I had just picked up a book that came highly reccomended by several friends. "The Historian" By Elizabeth Kostova. It was incredibly good. My only problem with it was it took me forever to read. For those who are not familiar with my reading, generally I have a novel finished in about two hours. Unfortunately with this one it took me about two weeks. I did not have enough time to sit down and read it. Anyway, the story is about a young girl who discovers an odd book in her father's library and questions him about it. From there you are taken on a hunt for Dracula. Yes, Dracula. The book continues to build and build until the very end where it crashes to an ending. It was a great great book, and I reccomend all you other bibliophiles to go out and read it!

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