Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anticipation is making me wait...

That title totally has to be sung Carly Simon style. If you don't know the song, you should.

Our bay window is floor level, so Braxton likes to watch for Mark to come home. He just lays there and waits. If someone else passes by he talks to them for a while until they go on their merry way. Its pretty funny. As soon as he sees Mark come around the corner he bolts down the stairs like lightning. Well, at least as lightningy as his little legs will let him.
I don't usually let him have the window all the way open, because I'm afraid he'll lean on the screen and fall to his death from the second story. Ok, he'd probably be caught by our jeep below, but something would definitely break, and I'm just not ok with that.
All the photos are black and white because it just seemed to fit the theme better...

Now, tell me that this kid doesn't absolutely love his daddy. He does. He never sits still. Except when he's at the window waiting for Mark. He plays the "is that daddy game?" It goes something like this

"is that daddy? No, thats a fee (tree)!"

"is that daddy? No, its a fowa (flower)!"

He does this with pretty much any object that he can see. The trees don't change the flowers don't change, the cars don't even really change. Its the two year olds version of I spy solitaire. Goofy kid.

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Lindsay said...

He's quite a kid. jaida and him would certainly make a pair. If we got the two of them together, I think the two of us may end up tied up and gagged. :) You guys ever coming out this way to visit?? We'd love to have you anytime.