Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well, Today marks a very important day. Today I being training to run a half-marathon. It's something that has always niggled in my brain. "Hey, you're an athletic person, don't you wanna see if you can do something like this????" My longterm goal (as if a twenty week training program wasn't long term enough...) is to do the See Nike Run Marathon in San Fransisco. Its an all womens event, and at the end you are greeted by firemen in tuxedos and they give you a Tiffany's necklace. Waaay cooler than a t-shirt. (For those who are wondering, Mark is the one that suggested I take part in this particular race. I just figured I'd do the Marine Corp Marathon...) Anyway, I'm starting out with just a half marathon. Don't want my eyes to get bigger than my stomach so to speak. Ok, I'm telling you this because I figure if I tell everybody I know I won't quit this thing. I'm also going to post weekly updates on how awful (I have no notions that this will be an awesome process) it all feels. Anyway, I'm going to show you a picture of our really cool new jogging stroller. What makes it so cool you ask???? Well instead of being long, or wide its a double decker. Plus, its neon green. Ok, wish me luck.
That is my very cool new stroller. The boys love it. I love it. Mark kinda loves it. (he hasn't spent the quality time with it that I have). I can steer this thing with one hand, and drink my iced tea in the other. How cool is that?

2 reviews:

Em said...

hahahaha, awesome! gotta love lime. as for the lao/sun question....i looked up and looks to be about a 100 year difference...

Bob said...

so did you register by march 15?

and if you're seriously looking at half-marathons on the west coast, i'd so join you (if it's drive-able). i've always wondered if i could do it too. and i've already got a round with the hood-to-coast under my belt.